10 Reasons I like using Ubuntu

Why I like to run my system on Ubuntu

There are many reasons why you would like to use Ubuntu once you have used it and have got sort of your hands on it. It’s is very cool and you will tend to forget using MIcrosoft Windows after some time. Here are 10 good reasons why I like using Ubuntu on my system.

1.It is free of cost.
2.There is no point of its being original or not. Because it comes free, you are authorised to use it in as many computers as you would like to. The company gives you rights even to distribute it or even modify it.
3.Very easy to operate. You don’t need to learn how to operate it because its interface is very close to what you have been doing in Microsoft Windows.
4.Works very fast with good hardware configuration. You don’t need ultra-high configuration to run it.
5.You don’t require anti-virus to protect your system as yet. You don’t know about the future though (!).
6.You get almost all the programs that you might like to have on your system. There is virtually no program or software that you can’t have for Linux but for Windows.
7.Its updating process is faster than Microsoft Windows.
8.Almost every new device works with Ubuntu and you don’t need to configure them individually. Like if you plug-in your printer to your system running on Ubuntu, you are ready to use it straight-away.
9.You get open-source version of Microsoft Office that can integrate with all types of files.
10.A small thing that I personally liked: its sound scheme is pretty cool—does not make too much noise when it starts! 🙂

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