Cricket Commentator Vineet Garg presents his views on India's loss to Australia in the first test match

So, the result has reversed. India, from an almost commanding position, tamed in lightly. Indian batters fell like a pack of cards. What went wrong? The main point was lack of drive in the Indian players as noticeable from their body-language. The field-position, ability to take risks, and to make proactive decision were the main points that led to loss topped by the batting failure though the bowlers had performed quite remarkably.

Vineet Garg points out some things in the four days that could be featured: [You can reach Vineet at his mobile no: 9413705286]

1. Saurav Ganguly should be made Indian team’s coach.

2. There should be a director of Indian Cricket.

3. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be replaced in different formats–there should be different captains for One Day, Test and Twenty20.

4. Vineet also mentioned Dhoni has has termed Ishant Sharma as a defensive bowler when he is actually a strike bowler. An Indian bowler, who has been clocking 150 kmph can not be termed as a defensive bowler by any logic. This incident reminds of a similar one when Harbhajan Singh was termed similarly.

5. Umesh Yadav should be preserved for long-term career.

6. There should be a change in Indian team composition for the next test.

Day 4 Summary

Day 3 Summary

Day 2 Summary

Day 1 Summary

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  1. मेलबोर्न में भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम हार गयी जैसा होता है हारने पर लोग रोना गाना करते है .किया और करेंगे .पर जो खेल रहा है मैदान में उनसे पूछो की क्रिकेटरो क्या हुआ जो जीतते जीतते रह गए ?
    पर ईमानदार तथ्य है की धोनी के पास कोई रणनीति नहीं थी 292 रन बन्नने थे .जितने के लिए 10 वीकेट हाथ में है तब अच्छा कप्तान अपने बलेबाजो को उत्साहित कर के ये रन बनवाता और भारत का तिरंगा शान से मेलबोर्न में लहराता हम शानदार new year जश्न मनाते. पूरा दोष धोनी का है .
    हिंदी क्रिकेट के कमेंटेटर वीनित गर्ग की सोच सही है की धोनी को अब रेस्ट देना चाईये. टेस्ट ,वन डे .20 – 20
    के लिए अलग कप्तान चाईए. अब तो भारत के बुड्ढो को हटा देना चायीये.यादव रोहित जैसो को लाना चाहीए .
    सुरेन्द्र हंसपाल क्रिकेट समीछक.9425202442

  2. bilkul sahi bataya vineet ji mai bhi yahe chahta hue ki agar yongo ko mauka na mile to ye cricketer he jindgi bhar khelte rahege jarurat hai hame naye cricketer ke

  3. Sheeraz ahmad naik

    The reflexes of seniors are going down day by day .Now they should need to retire as soon as possible so that young player will take the advantage.No doubt senior’s have done really well in the past but they have to say goodbye.

  4. Ganguly should have coach of team india ,he can do better than foreign coach can,we respect ur analisis because u r voice of cricket in radio india

  5. Vineet ji I m a big fan of you.
    When you do commentry in radio then i prefer to listen it on radio rather than watching TV.
    But that was a bad time 4 M.S.D. Nd cmpny wen dey hav lost d series against eng and aus.
    And not 2 forget d the T20 world cup 2007 and world cup 2011 and indian team bcam 1st ranked team in test undr his captaincy.
    He is very much capable to lead the side in d all formats.
    But what u hav mentioned about SAURABH GANGULY for coach. I agree with you with this point.

  6. anmol
    We need somebody with intensity to fire up the players just recently in london olympics the comments of indian hockey coach regarding indian players are eye opening.

    1. Dear V.GARG sir,
      with respect
      kya lagta ha aapko vo jo IND team 8 match haari h vo sirf dhoni ki captaincy ki vajah se?
      And if you want to replace dhoni as a captain then who is the capable to do it better than dhoni?
      I dont think any one in current team is better leader than him.
      My gmail id is:
      plz send your ans to my id also so that we can continue sharing our ideas there.

  7. dear sir
    aap series ke 1 match me hi kyi comentry karte ho
    me apki avaj sun ne ke liye class bunk karta hu
    please jyada matches me aya kro

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