Chaitanya Jyoti Museum–Visitor’s Place in Puttaparti (Puttaparthi)

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, Puttaparti (Puttaparthi)

There is no stopping for visitor places when you land on the sacred land of Puttaparti (Puttaparthi) in Andhra Pradesh. Though, Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that once you have his Darshans, you should not waste time in gossiping and other fun-related activities, but still, there are some monumental projects that are undertook by Swami himself and these projects are like beacons showing the various cultures and values of different countries.

Adding such a great value to the visiting places in Puttaparti (Puttaparthi), Chaitanya Jyoti stands as the only museum of India that has a complete Chinese, Japanese or Thai architecture. This museum was designed by a scientist of NASA, Art-ong Jum Sai. 

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum is built alongside the Hill View Stadium, if you have ever visited Puttaparti (Puttaparthi). When you on the village road, you can take an auto-rickshaw or just saunter a bit to go to visit Chaitanya Jyoti Museum.

You will need to leave your footwear and other belongings outside the museum in the care of Seva Dal people who provide a bag and a token so that you can collect your belongings later. Photography is not allowed inside and therefore you can click the photographs of Chaitanya Jyoti Museum from outside only.

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum built by Sri Sathya Sai Baba--Puttaparti
Chaitanya Jyoti Museum built by Sri Sathya Sai Baba--Puttaparti

There are numerous steps or you can use the ramps to go into the museum. Once you enter the premises of Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, there is a serene newness and peace that engulfs you. There are basically two floors that you will visit once inside the museum showing various facets of different religions and other cultural beliefs.

The museum has two theatres where short documentary movies based on Swami’s life or teachings are shown. Apart from that, there are numerous TV screens that show a lot of recordings from Swami’s life. 

Apart from that, there is so much to learn that you notice from the content filled graphics that are hung on the walls.

It is not bragging to say that you will not see a museum in India as beautiful or as well-maintained as this one. There is a definite presence of newness and silence.

At the exit point of the museum, there is a prayer hall where groups of devotees of often hold Bhajan sessions before the Brass Idol of Swami. At the exit gate, you can shop for some CDs and some lockets along with the silver and gold coin with Swami’s image embossed on it.

As you come outside the museum, it leaves an impression on your mind, body and soul—a place where you come so close to Swami’s life through modern technology and other gadgets geared to showcase the life of Sai Baba.

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    1. Sai Ram Dhriti…thanks for checking the shots. I am happy that they served the purpose of taking people to that wonderful place where they enjoyed heavenly peace.

  1. Just to make a correction, the Museum was designed by the late Malaysian Architect, Ar. Goh Say Tong and not the NASA Scientist from Korea.

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