Interview with Anandra George–Mantra Yoga and life coaching

Mantra is no more an esoteric word that has some secretive essence hidden in the far-off Himalayas with saffron clad or un-clad saints. Mantra is right there in your breath and in every thing that you do. It has its appeal to everyone who is sentient enough to listen to his/her own inner voice. We […]

Neeraj Jain

Interview with Neeraj Jain, co-founder of Zopper

Zopper needs no introduction but the below image sums it up pretty nicely. If you have been troubled, confused and confabulated by different advice given by your friends, unauthentic reviews on various ecommerce sites, and also by boisterous ads that show on every nook and corner, Zopper may prove to be the panacea for your […]

Interview with Brad Lauster: Co-founder of BindoPOS

To continue our efforts in bringing the stories of startups and successful new business ideas around the world, we bring you the email conversation with one of co-founders of BindoPOS, which is trying to bring change in the way you shop using mobiles and more specifically the iPAD.   Q1. What gave birth to the […]

Who Is This Young Entrepreneur: 2

In first chapter, we met a paper boy who made money by intelligent segmentation. In this chapter, we would meet another paper boy from another corner of the world, who fixed a danger to his business, with a very smart trick. He lived in a small town which had a tiny railway station. Everyday, newspapers […]

Who is this young entrepreneur?

Story: 1 He was a teenager, and he wanted to sell newspapers. Of course, this is nothing new. Across the globe, many school kids sell newspapers as a part time activity. They get a regular route, wake up early, load their cycles with newspapers, and distribute them to regular subscribers. Or, they visit public places […]

Interview with Lou Gray: An entrepreneur, an investor and an investigator of new ideas

Lou Gray is an entrepreneur by all means. He has experience in startups, team building, operations, and holds a few patents. His latest venture is co-founding SEC Live, which he describes as follows: “the modern way to work with SEC Filings. Still reading SEC filings in HTML, PDF, or Word? Still manually inputting company financials in Excel? […]

Interview with Amit Kumar: A born singer and son of Kishore Kumar

He was born to the legendary singer, actor, musician and what not–Kishore Kumar. He had to carry the burden of enormous expectations and he did exceptionally well. Amit Kumar, like his father, did not take any formal tutelage for singing but had a knack of picking up music quite easily. In the year 1981, he […]

Interview with Yunus Khan: Vivdh Bharti broadcaster

He says that being on radio is also a part of acting and his training during college days while participating in various cultural activities has come to a good stead for him. He mentions that having his life partner in the same profession serves a lot of purpose for him as he gets continuous support […]

Interview with Niladri Kumar: Classical Sitarist and creator of Zitar

He was pretty young when he started learning and playing Sitar. His father Pt. Kartikh Kumar was a famed musician who imparted him the knowledge of music from a very young age, which ripened quickly and the whole process became immensely fruitful. Niladri Kumar went on to perform with the top-most artists of Indian classical […]

Prateek Chaudhuri

Interview with Pt. Prateek Chaudhuri: A stylish Sitar player

He says that he enjoyed normal childhood though he was loaded with expectations due to born to a legendary father. He enjoyed sports and studies both before he realized that he has to take it on his own shoulders to carry forward the tradition set by his forefathers. He studied music and took to teaching […]

Vijay Ghate

Interview with Pt. Vijay Ghate: A mesmerizing Tabla Player

He does not have a huge musical lineage from where he could claim to have earned the knack of music. He also was not born in a city where great doyens of Indian classical music were proliferating. He claims that he was just a normal child who happened to have some early-childhood inclination to rhythm. […]

Interview with Sarvpriya Nirmohi

He was born in Jammu & Kashmir and had a good grounding in artistic pursuits due to the conducive atmosphere in his house. As he grew, he started enacting in cultural activities in the school and later on moved to radio. We have heard him broadcasting in All India Radio for the last 35 years […]

Interview with Vishal Singh

He was into modelling before he went for an audition to act as an actor. Hailing from Bihar, he says he has to master the language and make sure that the pronunciation and delivery is what the director is looking for. He maintains that modelling and acting are altogether different and you need to fit […]

Interview with Ashiesh Roy

He was born and brought up in Delhi and studied English literature before the passion of acting took over him and carried him to an altogether different journey from theater to films and TV. He likes to live life as it comes and tries to enjoy the moments. Focusing on his work and not worrying […]

Interview with Bappi Lahiri

Have you seen somebody wearing black apparels, goggles and a huge weight of jewelery and still making dance moves. Oh yes, we are talking about the one and only Bappi Da. He was born in a music family and he lived up to the demands of what people expected from him; or should we say […]

Interview with Sooraj Thapar

Have you checked the latest serial Chandragupta? One of the most striking character of this serial is played by Sooraj Thapar. Just guess who it is. Yes, it is the role of Dhananand. A very rare kind of appearance where tyranny meets comedy and aggression is interspersed with soft acting gestures. He says that he […]

Interview with Bali Brahmbhatt: The person who introduced rap music to India

He was the one who introduced rap music to India though public forgot his name and other people took credit of the same. Known for his unique voice and style, Bali has sung many songs for famous films, yet not many people know about his silent contribution to the industry. Brought up in multi-ethnic culture […]

Interview with Shankar Mahadevan: A computer engineer turned singer

He worked in hardcore computer industry before embarking on trying his luck in music which allowed him to pair with A. R. Rahman for a Tamil movie and he ended up winning the National Award for his song ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’. He started his career in Hindi singing with his unique album “Breathless”, which was hugely […]

Interview with Tej Sapru: Sportsman turned actor

He was state Badminton champion and played Cricket before his father commented on his good looks and asked him to join acting.  He started as a hero in films but later on turned towards negative role before finally taking up the challenge of working in TV serials. He holds the rare distinction of working in […]

Interview with Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma: The wizard of Santoor

He remains dedicated to uplift the status of Santoor as an accepted instrument that can deal the dexterity of Indian classical music. As per him, he was dedicated to the command and wish of his Guru (His father Pt. Uma Dutt Sharma) and was also chosen by God as a medium to achieve this task. […]

Interview with Manish Wadhwa: The Chanakya character of modern TV days

He belongs to Ambala Cantt. in Haryana but is one of the most favorite actors on TV in the present times. If you have seen the famous TV serial Chandragupta Maurya, the character of Chanakya is played by Manish Wadhwa. He says that he always wanted to do acting and nothing else. He says that […]