Sudesh Lehri: The comedian who rose from a humble beginning

Sudesh LehriHe never went to school but his funny and witty punches can make you ROFL. He washed dishes on shops and worked in workshops before he gradually carved his niche in the world of comedy.

He mentions that he never felt he is working hard or undergoing hardships. He loved his work so much that he never had the time to reflect how hard his life had been going.

He mentions that despondency never hit him because he never expected too much from his life–the mantra he worked upon was to do his karma and not to crave for results.

He hails from Punjab and is settled in Mumbai now. He conveys that youngsters should stay away from drugs and boozing because it ruins the life.

We present a very light-hearted telephonic conversation with Sudesh.

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  1. Sir….i am really fond of u….not only ur comedy but i have a great interest in ur hardship…..i would like to talk to u…
    Thanking u..

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