Interview with Neeraj Jain, co-founder of Zopper

Zopper needs no introduction but the below image sums it up pretty nicely. If you have been troubled, confused and confabulated by different advice given by your friends, unauthentic reviews on various ecommerce sites, and also by boisterous ads that show on every nook and corner, Zopper may prove to be the panacea for your shopping pains.




There is no doubt that the figures will keep increasing in the future and more and more users would be using Zopper to intelligently search before their actually shop.


Neeraj JainWe talked to the co-founder of this great app, Neeraj Jain, to get some insight of their vision and strategy.

Q1. What was the main motivation of starting Zopper and how you chose the name?

Buying a product is a disjointed experience – it’s a pain to browse through multiple e-commerce sites or sift through stores for prices & features, to search or ask for reviews, to find an expert when you’re not familiar with a product’s specs, to scout for deals, etc. To bridge all these gaps was the main motivation behind starting Zopper.

Zopper is a play on the word ‘Shopper’. Also, it’s hip & easy to remember.


Q2. What’s the business model for you don’t sell online?

Our objective is to drive business to mom-&-pop stores (SMEs) that contribute to 90% of commerce in India. Hence, we intend to earn money by taking a small share of the business that we drive to them.


Q3. What your customers have to say about you?

Our customers typically think of us as the ‘Google’ of shopping, as the 1-stop destination for all their shopping needs.

We also think of SME merchants as our customers & most of them are happy that we’re incrementally contributing to their business.


Q4. Any plans or new features in the future?

We’re expanding at a rapid pace & aim to hit 25 lac users & 2.5 lac SME retailers across the country. If you’re a SME retailer & not on our platform already, you should drop us a line at If you’re a shopper, download our app at


Q5. A message for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Think big & take calculated risks – don’t underestimate your gut feel.

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