Business idea around handicraft industry

A publication by GFE Consulting Worldwide, Indian handicraft industry enjoys some strength points. Some of them would be:

  • Abundant and cheap labour hence can compete on price
  • Low capital investment and high ratio of value addition
  • Aesthetic and functional qualities
  • Wrapped in mist of antiquity
  • Hand made and hence has few competitors
  • Variety of products which are unique
  • Exporters willing to handle small orders
  • Increasing emphasis on product development and design upgradation
Small business ideas around handicraft
Designer bags on sale in a shop on the Mahabalipuram beach (Panchrathas)

If entrepreneurs consider all these points, it can be seen that there is a many opportunities in this area.

I recently traveled to Chennai and visited Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram area. I was able to notice various types of artifacts, murals and handicraft items that as a visitor I wanted to buy. Similar has been the case whenever I visited Ooty, Kodaikanal, Puttaparti, or any other tourist place.

Festivals, fairs, travel spots throw wide opportunities to sell such items while there is a huge demand of handicraft products outside the country.

Once again from the aforementioned report, there is a defined value added chain in this industry:

Value Adding Chain in Handicrafts–>>Identification of market opportunities–>>Prototype design and development / adaption and refinement–>>Test marketing–>>Upgrading equipping facilities–>>Securing inputs–>>Entrepreneurial hiring, training, managing–>>Production, quality control and packaging–>>Costing and pricing–>>Physical distribution–>>Export market development

I am sure if a systematic approach is followed, the handicraft industry does offer good opportunities to entrepreneurs looking for new business ideas.

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