Brendon Mccullam carried his IPL form to tests against India

Do you remember Brendon Mccullum smashing a century in the IPL match? He was infact the first one to do so. However, he has not stopped scoring in Tests too.

In the recent test match against India, he scored a whopping 281 not out, thus consolidating the position of his team from potential loss to possible win.

Brendon Mccullum has a style of hitting and hitting. He has never been known to score in Test matches and especially this big. However, against India, he is known to score almost every time. Agreed that it was only in one dayers but like Jacob Oram, he seems to be playing his best Cricket when it comes to play against India.

Indians fans were waiting for the wrap up of the New Zealand team when Brendon Mccullum turned the match on his head. It is sometimes to good to see this type of a match where you find players overcoming their own nature and fitting in the demands of the situations.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can take the example of players who deliver whenever their teams are going down. They can learn how to keep going though things might look tough. The opposition may be strong but the strong always get going.

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