Buying all in one Lenovo desktop

A good option for entrepreneurs and small business owners

I recently happened to buy an all-in-one desktop from The services of SnapDeal are beyond repair I would say and their policies are pathetic. However, the product is far more than satisfactory and I just loved the experience of this laptop-like desktop.

The specifications are as follows:

Lenovo C240-57-311940 (Black)

Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core 847


Hard Disk: 500GB

OS: Win8 64Bit

When I opened the pack, I expected a wonder and it was. Like a laptop, I just plugged in the desktop and it was working. There was no hassle of wiring and having a big desk to place all the components of the computer. It was just the screen. It had everything integrated in it–processor, speakers, wireless card, and what not.

At a price of below 21k, I felt it was a good purchase. Windows 8 is definitely rocking and there is no problem in functionality. 18″ screen is something you can’t get away from. If you have a power back up, this is nothing short of a laptop.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, this would be a good purchase if they want to buy systems for their offices.

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