Best English Dictionary for your PC

English Dictionary that can be downloaded and used in your PC

Right from the time I worked in a SEO company, I have been using this great tool for getting meanings and synonyms of the English words. It is very effective and simple tool and allows you to know the word meaning from anywhere in your computer and also while you are surfing internet.

This dictionary is called WordWeb and is available for free download. Once you download it in your system, you can use the key “ctrl+alt+w” after selecting the word that you want to check and it will open a window like this:

Free English Dictionary
Free English Dictionary

If the word does not exist, it will give you suggestions of the spellings. It also gives you indication whether the selected word has a particular in British English or American English. So pretty handy at that also.

Apart from this feature, it has sound effects also–you can listen to the pronunciation of any word that it has and know how to pronounce it for yourself. I have not seen any other tool that is free to use, easy to operate and yet has so many wonderful features.

I will recommend this to anybody like my friend Jagdeep Singh Pannu introduced it to me. Thanks Jagdeep for showing me such a wonderful tool.

You can download WordWeb here.

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