15 Similar words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch)

List of 15 similar words in German (Deutsch) and Sanskrit

There are lots of similarities in German and Sanskrit and I am trying to find some words that have common sound (somewhat similar) and same meanings in both the languages. I am compiling them as a list and work on dictionaries and other resources to find the similarity.

In my earlier post, I gathered around 10 similar words in German and Sanskrit. Presently, I am up with another 15 of them and hope you will find them okay. Please feel free to give your reviews and what you think about these types of posts. I have provided the English meanings also so as to make it clear what context I am taking the words.

It is really an engrossing activity to work through different languages and find the similarity between them. I love this. 🙂


4 thoughts on “15 Similar words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch)”

  1. FOR Example : Agan – oganj (fire); bagas – bog (god); brath – brat (brather); bhala
    – bela (white); chata – ceta (platoon); deti – dete (child); div –
    div; dina – dan (day); dasa – dese (child)t; dama – dom (home); girya
    – gora (mountain); grad – grad (city); iskra – iskra (spark); kada –
    kada (when); kuta – kuca (house); lip – lep (pretty); lot – ljut
    (angry); laghi – laki, lagan (light); ljubhva – ljubav (love); matr –
    mater (mother); mala – mali (little); more – more (sea); mil – mili
    (dear); nabas – nebo (sky); nava – novi (new); paraha – prah (dust);
    prati – protiv (against); panca -pet (five); pena – pena (bubbles);
    rabh – rob (slave); rosa – rosa (dune); sa – so (salt); sila –
    sila(might); sas – sest (six); stan – stan (lives there); sabha – soba
    (room); stala – stol (table); tata – tata (dad); ta – taj (that
    person); tvar – stvar (thing); trassti – tresti (shake); trang – trag
    (track); tamas – tama (dark); tri – tri (three); triydosa – trinaest
    (thirteen); tada – tada (then); vrt – vrt (garden); vicur – vece
    (eveing); vi – vi (you); vas – vas (you); vatara – vatra (fire); viva
    – ziva (alive)…….

  2. Sanskrit family titles are also in complete identical to Serb names as:
    tata (dad), nana (gran),nevesta (bride) , brat (brother), sestra (sister), strina
    (aunt), svekar (father in law), svekrva (mother in law) ,dever
    (brother in law), kum ( god father), svastika (sister in law) and
    prija (son in laws mother)….

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