15 Similar words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch)

List of 15 similar words in German (Deutsch) and Sanskrit

There are lots of similarities in German and Sanskrit and I am trying to find some words that have common sound (somewhat similar) and same meanings in both the languages. I am compiling them as a list and work on dictionaries and other resources to find the similarity.

In my earlier post, I gathered around 10 similar words in German and Sanskrit. Presently, I am up with another 15 of them and hope you will find them okay. Please feel free to give your reviews and what you think about these types of posts. I have provided the English meanings also so as to make it clear what context I am taking the words.

It is really an engrossing activity to work through different languages and find the similarity between them. I love this. 🙂

Neu New नव
Mund Mouth मुख
Auge Eye अक्ष
Mitte Mid मध्य
Drei Three त्रि
Sechs Six षट्
Acht Eight अष्ट
Neun Nine नव
Richtig Right ऋत
Herz Heart हृदयं
Nabel Navel नाभिः
Intervall Interval अन्तरालः
Oben Up उत्
Obere Upper उपरितनः

4 thoughts on “15 Similar words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch)”

  1. FOR Example : Agan – oganj (fire); bagas – bog (god); brath – brat (brather); bhala
    – bela (white); chata – ceta (platoon); deti – dete (child); div –
    div; dina – dan (day); dasa – dese (child)t; dama – dom (home); girya
    – gora (mountain); grad – grad (city); iskra – iskra (spark); kada –
    kada (when); kuta – kuca (house); lip – lep (pretty); lot – ljut
    (angry); laghi – laki, lagan (light); ljubhva – ljubav (love); matr –
    mater (mother); mala – mali (little); more – more (sea); mil – mili
    (dear); nabas – nebo (sky); nava – novi (new); paraha – prah (dust);
    prati – protiv (against); panca -pet (five); pena – pena (bubbles);
    rabh – rob (slave); rosa – rosa (dune); sa – so (salt); sila –
    sila(might); sas – sest (six); stan – stan (lives there); sabha – soba
    (room); stala – stol (table); tata – tata (dad); ta – taj (that
    person); tvar – stvar (thing); trassti – tresti (shake); trang – trag
    (track); tamas – tama (dark); tri – tri (three); triydosa – trinaest
    (thirteen); tada – tada (then); vrt – vrt (garden); vicur – vece
    (eveing); vi – vi (you); vas – vas (you); vatara – vatra (fire); viva
    – ziva (alive)…….

  2. Sanskrit family titles are also in complete identical to Serb names as:
    tata (dad), nana (gran),nevesta (bride) , brat (brother), sestra (sister), strina
    (aunt), svekar (father in law), svekrva (mother in law) ,dever
    (brother in law), kum ( god father), svastika (sister in law) and
    prija (son in laws mother)….

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