Becoming an entrepreneur helped my eating habits

It’s pretty plain as it reads or appears. When I was in a job, my eating habits were disturbed, bad and irregular. When I became an entrepreneur, my food got more regular; I avoided eating junk food; and of course, the eating schedule also got set.

So, how it all happened!

The credibility of this article comes from the fact that I have worked in number of organizations and in different roles, living in different cities. One of my job in fact was near my home town and I stayed in my home while doing the job. However, my eating habits were not regular, good, and okay as per the requirements. I used to take extra amount of tea, eat junk food and a lot of fried items. At the same time, due to varied job roles, I had no schedule or set timings for eating.

Then, something good happened. I became and entrepreneur and had my own office. My business requirements needed to me to open my office at some definite hours and close it down accordingly. Because I had to sit in the office and the food became costlier outside (eateries and restaurants), I started bringing home-cooked food with me.

This meant that I skipped eating fried items with every cup of tea and also my tea was regularized as the vendor came in at fixed hours. Moreover, home-cooked food was healthier than what you can get in the market and also my wife took extra care to make sure that its nutrient value was good.

So, I can easily assert that becoming an entrepreneur has helped me regularize and optimize my eating habits.

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