How to calculate your age on any given day

So, you want to calculate your age up to today in terms of years, months and days? Well, it’s quite easy and involves a simple Mathematical operation of subtraction.

We will take an example to illustrate the method:

My date of birth is: 26-11-1982 (26th of 11th month of year 1982)

I want to calculate my age on this date: 21-05-2013 (21st of 5th month of year 2013)

So, here is the method:

2013                05            21

1982                11            26


30                  5               25                          (Means my age is 30 years, 5 months, and 25 days, as of today)


Now, how I subtracted: Well, 21 is less than 26. So, you will have to carry something from the 05 just like we do in simple subtraction. However, here, we will carry over 30 because we are deducting 1 month from the figure that’s on the left. Carrying 30 means, 21 is now 51 and I can subtract 26 from it, which gives me 25 days.

Now, months. Because I carried over 1 month=30 days to the right, I am left with 04 months, which is again smaller than 11. So, I will have to carry 1 year=12 months from the left. This gives me 4+12 =16 months and by subtracting 11 from it means I get 5 months.

Now, years. We carried over 1 year to the right. So, the figure is 2012 and by subtracting 1982 from it, I get 30 years.

Like this, we can calculate the age on any given day.

Things to remember:

  • While carrying over 1 month to days, always take 30.
  • While carrying over 1 year to months, always take 12.


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