Attending the Yale Writers’ Conference in June, 2015

To prove my total lack of knowledge of the poetic world around the globe, I landed on this workshop through Google search. I had no idea what it was about and when/where it’s held. Once on the page, Yale had me hooked.

The brand name does its wonders and I was intrigued because I would get the chance to stay in  Yale if I got selected to attend this workshop. Eventually I got selected! 🙂

Anyways, Yale Writers’ Conference, as I am told by people around the globe who have attended its earlier versions and also the ones who are going to attend, is a brilliant opportunity and chance to meet, network and learn from the very people who are in the center of the literary world.

There would be master classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions and networking sessions with lectures and seminars by press, journals, and magazines and various literary agents. It sounds like a one complete package that an aspiring writer would want to explore.

I am not the first one to travel from India as three other people have already contacted me and said that it was an amazing experience. So, I take it that it is quite famous and well received by people from various countries.

I will be flying from Delhi to JFK and then take a train to New Haven before reaching the campus of Yale. We would be staying in Davenport College and would be able to have access of library, gymnasium and some other facilities at Yale. I expect it to be a one-of-its-kind opportunity to learn and meet people who like poetry.

I will writing more about my journey. Till then, stay tuned…

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