Are Hollywood movies and serials following the laws of Thermodynamics?

As unique as it may sound, some of the most popular and watched movies and drama serials of Hollywood seem to be following the invention path of laws of Thermodynamics–producing prequels to the already successful releases realizing they need to tell the back-story too.



Yes, this is what happened when the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics was postulated. It was named zeroth because the first and second laws were already formulated and named. The zeroth law was more fundamental and therefore needed a lower number than first!

This is the case happening with lots of movies and serials in Hollywood–they are producing the back-story after they realize the audience deserve to know it because they have liked the main story.

Lord of The Rings

Lord of the Rings is classical example of this theory. After a phenomenal success of the 3-part movie, they realized there is a more basic story of Hobbit that needs to be told.

Though Hobbit did not enjoy equal success but it was well received and anticipated.

Terminator Genesis

Heard about this movie? Well, the name says it all. After they have reached the end of the story in Terminator series, they are going backwards.


X-Men came with a name “Days of the Future Past” to take you to the past of the series.


Smallville is a brilliant TV serial which depicts the story of Super-Man before he becomes one.

Vampire Diaries

After the huge success of Vampire Diaries, they came out with a new series that dealt with ‘Originals’–the Vampires who started it all in the past.

It looks like a trend that Science also encountered. I sometime wonder how science and our daily life are intertwined. Won’t you agree?

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