Adding colours to life through Rangoli Designs

Rangoli, as clear from the name itself, is a conglomeration of Rang, which in simple translation means colour. It has taken a popular art form especially in India. Patterns, images, and forms are created using various Rangoli materials like coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand and flower petal. Some other materials that can be used include vermilion, red brick powder, and natural colours. Chemical colours are nowadays used as per liking. Yoga workshops and camps even in foreign countries also have their as a fun activity. Usually, Rangoli is made on an occasion though some people use it for daily decoration of their footsteps outside house or even walls.

Rangoli Design

Many of the Rangoli designs depict traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each region brining the huge diversity that India as a country enjoys. Mostly done by women, Rangoli designs are nowadays part of marriages, birthday parties, and even cultural competitions in various education institutions.


When it comes to Rangoli designs, various types of forms are popular. Some of them include:

  • Simple geometric shapes
  • Forms of deities
  • Flower and petal shapes
  • Yoga-based shapes

Based on the material used, various names are attributed to these Rangoli designs like,

  • Powder Rangoli
  • Flower Rangoli
  • Chalk Rangoli
  • Pulses Rangoli
  • Salt Rangoli
  • Rice Rangoli

The main significance of these designs is beauty and auspiciousness. Many people believe that it brings them good fortune if they have Rangoli decorations in their houses. Because of the mention of Rangoli in ancient texts, it is believed to be of great importance among many families.

Rangoli Designs

The size of the Rangoli design is not fixed and can be as small and as big as one wants–it basically depends upon the area available, material present, and also the liking of the artist who is making the design. Many times, two or more people complete one big Rangoli design based on one idea–it is usually done for some formal occasion like marriage, family function, festivals etc.

To bring the designs alive, wet wood powder is extensively used because it helps in carving shapes. Lamps and other small decoration materials are also often used to make these Rangoli designs more lively and attractive.

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