What is book called in Sanskrit

While learning how to say book in Sanskrit, you can also come across the word शास्त्रं, which is actually used for a ‘book of science’–where science is a general term. This term can be combined with various other words like ‘book of law’ which would translate to ‘न्यायशास्त्रं’ and ‘book of poetry’ would translate to ‘काव्यशास्त्रं’. However, this list below is the translation of book as a common connotation to any kind of book.

For usefulness and ease of people who don’t understand the Devnagiri script, we have provided the transliteration as per International scheme.

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English Sanskrit Transliteration
Book पुस्तकं Pustakaṁ
Book पुस्तकी Pustakī
Book ग्रन्थः Granthaḥ
Book पत्रं Patraṁ
Book पत्रिका Patrikā
Book पुस्तं Pustaṁ
Book पुस्ती Pustī

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