8 promises that a street sales guy makes

bus sales guy
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Have you noticed sales guys selling various kinds of candies, magazines, newspapers, home-made remedies for various joint pains, books of festivals and calendar, combs, mobile chargers, nail cutters, handkerchiefs, table tops, and what not? I have seen many of them as I have traveled quite a lot through buses.

You must marvel their skills at some point of time. Their sales pitch flow without any interruption and they are not ashamed of anybody even if somebody rebukes them through their facial expressions. They have out-of-the-bus confidence by all means and have an almost imposing personality that often gets rubbed on the passengers and they end up buying things, which are of course very cheap in price.

One particular thing that I noticed is that there is almost nobody who would review negatively about these products at the time they are in the bus. Passengers (or target audience) seem to be always different ones. For this, perhaps these sales guys don’t stick to one route for long. They keep changing their sales locations. This is an assumption and I have not talked to any of them to check the veracity.

I recently picked 6 lines that they inadvertently say to sell their product:

We won’t trouble you much. Just for 2-3 minutes

They announce themselves in acknowledging the importance of time and giving a ego boost to the passengers. However, this is a brilliant eye catcher and almost everybody wants to listen what they have to say (eventually sell).

These are all useful things for your household

They make their product quite useful for daily usage. With this line uttered, passengers tend to make connections whether they use those products in their houses or not. Engagement is the outcome of this line.

Try if you want. There’s no cost of trial

The curious passengers are prompted to try. Leads are generated and some of them covert to sales too!

It is costlier everywhere else but we bring it to you at 1/4 of that

This helps in passengers really buying because they calculate that the prices are admittedly low.

We have been selling for 10/20 years; no complaints received

Nobody is there to certify this thing or go checking. This certainly increases the faith of passengers in buying the product.

If you are not satisfied, you can return it

This is clearly a fake promise as few passengers would travel again on that route and the probability of finding that sales guy again is very low. However, return policy always increases the trust of buyers.

It’s trusted product. You can confirm from daily commuters

Nobody knows the other person whether they travel through this route or not. This line surely establishes the authority of that person.

The mobile no. and address is given

This is clearly establishing credibility. Once this line is out, I have seen a couple of more buyers jumping in almost every time.

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