Chuck out Google Maps–enjoy serendipity

If you live in a metro city or at least a tier-2 city, you must have used Google Maps to go to some place. Of course, for that you might have checked the website or used your very smart phone to take you there. Undoubtedly, Google Maps have changed the way people reach to various places and also the way they plan their schedule.

The problem lies when it comes to visit places located in smaller cities. Even if you are starting from big towns or cities like Delhi, and you want to visit a place called Dhuri in Punjab, you will find it difficult to wade through the busy roads and streets that Google Map will lead you. In fact, it will be more cumbersome and tiring than the usual route you otherwise might have taken.

This is no out of the thin air presumption–this is like a first hand experience and it has happened with all my friends who use Google Maps. But Google Maps is not blame here–they are growing in their coverage and of course in time, they will have better routes planned and more features.

Till then, enjoy serendipity, I would say!

Till Google Maps becomes as effective as it is supposed to be, try the Indian way of reaching to places.

Do it the way we always have done–ask. Ask people about the places and routes on the way. This is a bit engrossing because often they send you on wrong roads but that’s the beauty of human conversation. The language barriers and local words will confuse you but that is where you might end up exploring something new.

Don’t be afraid of losing the track because that might happen with Google Maps too–but this way, you are surely not going to lose the human contact.

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