8 Features of Ubuntu Remix for Netbooks

Feature of Ubuntu Remix for Netbooks

If you own a netbook and want to run Linux based distro Ubuntu in it, Canonical has offered a great version for this. Here are some of the features that you would like to know before you go for it:

1. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks has the UI configured to work with Intel Atom processor-based.

2. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks fits within a 4GB flash drive with room for additional storage and makes it easier for users to use it.

3. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks has been tested to work quite well on Acer Aspire One, Asus eee PC 1000, and Dell Mini 9.

4. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks conforms with open source and commercial application licensing with audio and video codecs that are legally licensable and gives you full freedom to use them.

5. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks has a new interface and makes it easy for users to browse their favorite applications easily and in a quick way.

6. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks is virus free.

7. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks takes advantage of speed and power capabilities of the chip set.

8. Ubuntu Remix for netbooks has the advantage of a large developing community that makes it developing always into better.

For more information regarding Ubuntu Remix edition for netbooks, check this link.

1 thought on “8 Features of Ubuntu Remix for Netbooks”

  1. Almost all of the points seem like pointless buzzwords. This is odd because this is usually the tactic of Microsoft’s advertising department.

    Also, 6. is bullshit. Linux can get a virus. Some might even argue that Linux is more susceptible to viruses due to this naive frame of mind that they are safe.

    The article had potential, good intentions but poor research.

    Yours critically,
    Fellow Linux Enthusist.

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