5 Features of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition

What to expect in Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition

The new version of Ubuntu 9.04 is out and users are looking forward to use it. Here are some of the features that you can expect in Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition.

1. Ubuntu 9.04 server edition has extended hardware compatibility that ensures it easier for users to deploy it for their needs.

2. OEMs can now pre-install their own default first-boot configuration of Ubuntu Server Edition. This configuration can be replicated across all the Ubuntu servers in their organization.

3. Ubuntu 9.04 server edition on Amazon EC2 makes it happen for businesses to deploy services to external clouds.

4. Ubuntu 9.04 server edition comes with new mail server features that include shared user authentication and enhanced spam protection.

5. Ubuntu 9.04 server edition encourages interoperability by integrating OpenChange and Microsoft Exchange.

For more details about Ubuntu 9.04 server edition, click this link.

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