6 Ways to Get Involved with Fedora

How to contribute to Fedora project

According to Fedoraproject.org, the definition of Fedora project goes like this:

The Fedora Project is a global partnership of free software community members. The Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat, which invests in our infrastructure and resources to encourage collaboration and incubate innovative new technologies. Some of these technologies may later be integrated into Red Hat products. They are developed in Fedora and produced under a free and open source license from inception, so other free software communities and projects are free to study, adopt, and modify them.

If this interests you, here are the 6 ways in which you can contribute to this wonderful project.

How to Contribute to Fedora Project
How to Contribute to Fedora Project

1. Content Writer for Fedora

Just like any other distro of GNU/Linux, Fedora also relies on voluntary contribution of people who can write, prepare and maintain articles, tutorials, how-tos, and other documents related to Fedora project.

2. Designer for Fedora

If you are a designer and can work with software like GIMP, Inkscape, this is the area for you to work. You can join the team and help make Fedora’s look better and improved.

3. People Person for Fedora

This is the area where you interpersonal skills and communications skills would be used. A person who can interact with people, organize events and host programs can be of good use for spreading the awareness about Fedora.

4. OS Developer for Fedora

If you know Python, C, RPM/Packaging, Bugfiling or want to learn them, this is the area where you should be. Fedora requires people who can contribute through these languages.

5. Translator for Fedora

Just like any other distro of GNU/Linux, Fedora also requires documents to be translated in difference languages so as to make it available to wider audience. If you know English well and can translate documents to your native language, here is the best opportunity for you.

6. Web Developer or Administrator for Fedora

This is the area where people with web-handling skills can contribute. Python, XML/XHTML, CSS, XSL/XSLT, TurboGears, Web app development, Linux system administration are some of the skills that would be required.

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