5 small business entrepreneurial ideas around human languages

When I was studying Mechanical Engineering, we got a subject called Engineering Drawing (ED), which later got a special version of Machine Drawing (MD). It was a difficult subject to clear but was very interesting one: It was a language that helped the developers to convey what they want to be manufactured. It goes without saying that without drawings, or blue-prints, as they are generally known, products, machines, equipments, tools, or even buildings are impossible to be manufactured.

Talk about the computer languages: Right from the machine to the coding/programming languages, there is a huge demand and scope for development in/around computer languages. In fact, everything we use in computers is due to the languages only.

Now comes the point of human language: Language for humans is the medium of communication. Without languages, humans lose the very effectiveness of being communicative, expressive, and effective. If you search online, you will find many research and expert articles on the role of languages in human development, psychologically, socially, culturally, and mentally.

When it comes to talking about business opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas around human languages, most of the people remain focus on translation work. Though translation is one of the major ideas that can be explored, yet there seem to be some other areas where entrepreneurs can try their luck. Let’s discuss some small business entrepreneurial ideas around human languages.

This idea has been there since long: You can find foreign language schools in almost all the bigger cities. However, in the last 5-10 years, the demand of foreign languages has increased. The reasons behind this include globalization, increased travel, and of course outsourcing. Right from embassy sponsored language schools and university/college-run schools, privately-run foreign language schools can explore the idea.

Foreign language schools can operate on a small-scale basis in just two rooms and can be expanded as per the requirements. This area offers unique and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.

Sounds funny but interesting, huh? Yes, tattoos have been fascinating the human mind since ages: If you have seen your grandparents having something tattooed on their hands or forearms, you have seen the very example of tattoos. However, tattoo translation? Yes, this is a new concept where tattoo phrases in different languages are printed on body parts, T-shirts, caps, keyrings and other similar articles.

The market for tattoo translation is mostly online and hugely untapped. A lot of freelancers already provide the service for tattoo translation. Simply adding a Paypal button on one web-page could serve the purpose for this business. If an entrepreneur, expert in some human languages (having the translation proficiency), wants to explore this opportunity, he/she can do it without any capital investment.

  • Travel guide/translator

This opportunity is unique to the travel industry. With increased foreign-tourism, the demand for translators who could act as guides has increased. Apart from English, the demand for knowing European languages is on rise. The opportunity if offering services as travel guides for foreign travelers is vastly untapped and can be explored.

  • Online teaching/tutoring

With the advent of online education, the demand of online teachers has increased. This throws the demand of language teachers wide open. Right from teaching English to non-English countries, the demand of teaching local languages is always there. Once again, this area can be tapped at a small-scale basis and can be expanded as the demand grows.

  • Translation work/outsourced work

At the end, traditional translation work, even outsourced from different countries can be taken. With the demand of regional and local language websites, there is always a demand of creating separate websites. Software in regional languages are also in demand. This opportunity can be explored as a freelancer also.

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