5 Entrepreneurial ideas around packaged liquids

business ideas around liquidsI was drinking packaged juice when this idea struck me–business around packaged liquids. If you are fortunate enough, you have seen that water is sold in packaged form. Once you see that, you will come to believe that any consumable liquid can be sold if it is packaged.

I remember I once read that so

mebody started selling petrol in bottles in America and it turned out to be a very good business. Various types of oils and lotions can also be seen. But we will limit our discussion in this post about the liquids that are consumed by humans and are done almost on daily basis.

Okay, let’s start with the list:

  • Packaged Milk

After powdered milk used for babies and coffee-machines, packaged liquid milk became hit. With flavors added to it, milk-bottles can be seen almost every where.

  • Packaged Water

Right from bottles and canes, water is packaged in small packets. Needless to say that packaged water has been a blessing for tourism and travel industry.

  • Packaged Juice

After the debacle of cold-drinks and

lot of abstaining from drinking carbon-water, the demand for packaged juice rose sharply. Companies tapped it successfully by giving pulp and pulp-free juice to the consumers.

  • Packaged Drinks

If we steer clear from the cold-drinks, we have lots of other packaged drinks that are ready to be drunk. Talk about flavored drinks of mango, orange, etc. Even concentrated drinks are also available. This segment of the market is easily open for new players with new concepts and new ideas.

  • Medicines

I am sure you will like to differ on this. Medicines! Yes, anyhow, they are packaged liquids that are consumables and if you have anything to do with pharmaceuticals, this is an area of entrepreneurial ideas for you.

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