5 Sanskrit Sentences With Their English Meanings

We are back with another installment of Sanskrit sentences and their meanings compiled from the works on Varalakshmi Kandregula. We hope that you are able to learn some new Sanskrit words and their meanings–sometimes used contextually–so that you can use them wherever you feel appropriate.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or simple feedback through the comment section. We will be happy to know how these sentences have helped you in understanding the language in a better way.

Sanskrit Sentences with Meanings

  1. भूयात्ते दिवसः मङ्गलप्रदः।। (Have a nice day.)
  2. अहङ्कारः संसारमूलभूमिः।। ममतापरित्यागः एव मोक्षः।। (Egoism causes bondage. Detachment causes liberation.)
  3. सूषा। विशिष्टः निर्विकल्पकः रमणीयश्च भवतु ते दिवसः।। (Good morning! Have a great, positive, and a beautiful day.)
  4. विना हासं दिनं व्यर्थम्।। (A day without laughter is a day wasted–Charlie Chaplin)
  5. अये। व्यञ्जनविशेषं पचतु इत्युक्तम्। परं किमिदं मल्लिकापुष्पव्यञ्जनम्।। (Oh! Asked you to make some variety dish and you made Jasmine fry?)

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