Nursery Rhyme in Hindi About a Parrot

Writing nursery rhymes was never my forte or even intention when I thought of pursuing poetry as my passion and dedicate myself to writing. I never felt drawn to this art–however, I feel there’s a lot of creativity required if you want to create a meaningful nursery rhyme for kids.

In Hindi language, it is not difficult but it never is easy because you have to keep it simple and choose the words that are comprehensible for children of that age. I am trying my hands on various subjects and am sharing whatever I feel are worthy of sharing.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion if you feel like through the comment section.

Hindi Poem for Kids


तोता चूरी खाता है

सबके नाम बताता है

चिंटू मिंटू चिंकी पिंकी

लोरी हमें सुनाता है


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