5 Sanskrit Sentences and Translation in English

Riding on the popularity of the compilations of Sanskrit sentences and their meanings, we bring another installment that can be used to enhance the understand and context of the Sanskrit language.

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All the Sanskrit translation is taken from the works on Varalakshmi Kandregula.

Sanskrit Sentences and Translation in English

  • उदरं प्रविष्टं गरलं मारयति एकामेव व्यक्तिम्। परं कर्णेजापस्तु बन्धूनां शतस्य अनुषङ्गस्य अन्तकः।। (Poison in the stomach kills only one person, but poison in the ear, kills hundreds of relations.)
  • मदर्थं घण्टाकालं यावत् चङ्क्रमणं कुरुत। भवदर्थं निरन्तरं कार्यं निर्वहामि।। –इति भवदीयः हृदयः (For my sake, walk for one hour; for your sake, I will function forever. –Your obediently, Your Heart.)
  • ये परिच्छिद्राणि पश्यन्ति ते आत्मनः छिद्राणि न उररीकुर्वन्ति।। (Those, who find faults with others, don’t accept their own.)
  • अलं लघुदीपो तमोनिवारणाय। अलं मन्दहासः कष्टसम्मुखीकरणाय।। (A small lamp is enough to dispell the darkness; a smile to face difficulties.)
  • यः समवायिकारणभूतैः तन्तुभिः तुल्यैः विशिष्टजनैः मज्जीवनपटं वयति तस्मै तन्तुवायकल्पाय ईश्वराय कार्त्तज्ञ्यं निवेदयामि।।भगवान् मामकान् जीवन-पट-अनर्घ-तन्तुसदृशान् सहचरान् वः सदा अनुगृह्णातु।। (I always thank God for stitching some marvelous people into the fabric of my life. May God keep all my precious threads always happy.)

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