Your vehicle makes you poetic

It is really a passion at least with Indian vehicle owners. Right from our childhood, we have observed people carrying various types of adages, maxims, sayings and proverbs on whichever vehicle they own. Often, they write poetic lines in the regional languages.

It is like having a style statement clearly mentioned on the wind-screen or the body of your vehicle.

I recently came across another usual one when I had to stop at the traffic lights on the Signature Tower chowk near Sector 15, Gurgaon.

I quickly took a photo of the same with my Micromax Bolt A40 mobile and I am sharing it here.











I myself have something written in Sanskrit on my Santro (Hyundai) car. It almost feels like having a vehicle tattoo.







I am not sure what is the culture in other countries but I will be happy to know more about this tradition if it is followed anywhere else. Share if you have any input on this.

2 thoughts on “Your vehicle makes you poetic”

  1. Where is the photo ? (You said you are sharing it.)

    Also pls. share that “something written in Sanskrit” on your Car.

    Thank you.

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