Why Ubuntu is no. 1

Among all the operating system, Ubuntu is the coolest

Though there’s always a cost factor when you consider something valuable and more so when you are talking about something related to computers, yet there are many features of Ubuntu that makes it no. 1 operating system for amateurs and also for professionals.

There are lots of things that you can do with Ubuntu and the best thing is that you don’t owe anything to anybody. You are free to use it and do anything with it—there is no question of copyright infringement or anything related to piracy.

If you carefully examine the cover of the CD of Ubuntu, you will notice that it gives your 100% freedom in distributing, modifying, and alternating it without any obligation on your side. This is one of those parts where computer technology is at its best.

I personally have been involved in spreading computer education to children and students who have not used computers or know anything about it. While previously we had this handicap of not being able to use Microsoft Windows on large scale due to cost factors, we can now use Ubuntu free of cost and without caring the cost factor.

There is no shortage of programs or software that we want to use while teaching these children. They also do not have to fear about operating system popularity as many people are using it and they will not confront a strange operating system in Microsoft Windows while they work outside their schools.

I will easily term the spirit and technology of Ubuntu as no. 1 among all the operating systems presently existing in the computer world. What you say folks?

4 thoughts on “Why Ubuntu is no. 1”

  1. [quote]Among all the operating system, Ubuntu is the coolest[/quote]

    I thought GNU/LINUX was the Operating system………..or has Canonical secretly created a new OS?
    Sorry to Nit pick but Ubuntu is a distro, not an OS.
    Maybe you should go distro hopping and try a few other Linux distros before you make such sweeping comments. It smacks of Ubuntu fanboyism. Everything you have said about Ubuntu in your blog entries are just Linux attributes shared by all the Linux distros.

  2. Ubuntu is not No 1. Red Hat is. Novell (with SUSE) is second.
    If Ubuntu was No 1, Canonical would sell all those support contracts, not Red Hat and Novell.

  3. I’ve loads of problem with ubuntu since I installed it newer version called jaunty. The sound problem has forced me to switch over to windows…it appears to me that linux OS like Ubuntu is more dedicated to geeks…I don’t mind installing updates but when it comes to fixing stuff on ubuntu it makes me think that I need to do some sort of course to run it on my computer…!!

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