Why Everyone Should Drink Chai Everyday

Chai tea is a tasty and healthy version of the several kinds of teas prepared on the earth. Chai is the deliciously spiced tea that has been around us for several centuries across different cultures around the world. Milk rich dark tea is the base for preparing chai. Further to this, a blend of several fragrant spices added to make chai taste excellent and rejuvenating. The most common spices input while preparing chai are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and ginger. However, there are several variations with regard to the ingredients. For the purpose of sweetening, there are different possibilities including sugar, coconut sugar, stevia, agave syrup and honey. Due to its far reaching health benefits and a redeeming taste, chai has a large number of fans worldwide in all geographies. Here are the most compelling reasons why everyone should drink chai every day.

‘Chai’ an interesting name

The term ‘chai’ rhymes with the word ‘pie’. This term is derived from the Chinese word ‘cha’ which means tea. Arabic origins are also traced for the word ‘chai’. In English, the term ‘chai tea’ helps distinguish the spicy version from the regular kinds of teas popularly served in tea shops.

Nutritional information

The nutritional fact of a chai tea ultimately depends on where you get it from whether a store or café or make it in your own home. The ingredients determine its nutritional value. Since there are several hundreds of combinations possible with regard to chai, there is no universal formula or nutritional prescription for this wonderful beverage. However, the most common characteristic of all chai versions is the rich anti-oxidant content. It means chai is highly dependable for avoiding the risks of stroke and heart attacks and assist in weight loss. The other healthy ingredients of chai are the protein and calcium rich milk, and spices that can fight free radicals and bacteria, reduce cholesterol levels and enhance blood circulation. The result is this most wonderful concoction that contributes to good health.

Chai general health benefits

Depending on the ingredients added in the preparation, the health benefits vary between chai teas. On the whole, the prominent health benefits of chai ensue from its most common ingredients. Ginger and cinnamon help in reducing the risk of acne as they help reduce inflammation. Chai tea helps in weight loss due to the presence of fennel, cinnamon and ginger. Here are the benefits of the most popular ingredients used for preparing chai.

Black Tea: Black tea is rich in anti-oxidants that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also help bring down cholesterol levels and fight some kinds of cancers.

Ginger: This is an anti-inflammatory agent. It can help lower blood sugar and also remedy nausea and several gastro-intestinal problems.

Cardamom: this herb promotes digestion, fights free radicals and also boosts up the immune system.

Cinnamon: The top qualities of cinnamon include controlling blood sugar, assisting in digestion and fight free radicals.

Fennel: This spicy herb is rich in fiber and can therefore help control cholesterol levels. Also it has a rich content of potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Cloves: The most popular health benefits of clove are assistance in digestion, preventing fat accumulation and a host of antibacterial functions.

Black Pepper: black pepper impacts the body metabolism and helps avoid fat accumulation in the body. It assists in digestion and fights free radicals and bacteria.

Milk: Being the basic constituent of Chai, milk makes up the major volume of chai. Due to its excellent source of calcium and vitamin C, it can help in promoting bone health.

Chai tea types and health benefits

There is no single masala chai recipe in the world. Some versions employ only one spice while others make use of a blend of spices. The different combinations significantly impact the taste as well as the nutritional value. Here are the most common chai versions and their health benefits.

Cinnamon Chai Tea: cinnamon has a range of health benefits like preventing several ailments, lowering sugar and cholesterol levels, fighting colon cancer. Organic cinnamon can also help fight colds.

Cardamom Chai Tea: Cardamom is a very useful herb belonging to the family of ginger. Some of the most useful health benefits of cardamom include assisting in digestion, aiding body metabolism, and avoid gas and bad breath.

Clove Chai Tea: Regular use of cloves helps in fighting several problems related to fungal attack. Interestingly, clove tea can also be applied on the skin to cure fungal infections.

Black Pepper Chai Tea: This is an interesting version of chai that helps fight respiratory problems and chest congestion. It enhances metabolism and circulation and helps reduce fevers.

Nutmeg Chai Tea: Some of the wonderful benefits of nutmeg chai are relief from neurological pains, boosting up the immune system and maintaining kidney health.


Chai is an interesting beverage. It is a treat to taste buds and also highly healthy for the body. To get the maximum out of chai tea, it is best to know the process, choose the ingredients personally and prepare it in your home. Drink chai every day and reap its incredible health benefits.

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