Which font is best for Sanskrit

Which font is best for Sanskrit–Mangal or Sanskrit 99

If you use Microsoft Windows, you might be using Mangal font when you have to write something in Sanskrit. However, sometimes, you feel that Mangal is not all-in-all and does not cater to the intricate needs that Sanskrit text often demands. It is more or less suitable for Hindi text and not for Sanskrit.

While there are lots of customized fonts used for individual users over the world and different for various operating systems, I would recommend going for ‘Sanskrit 99’. I have been using this font for professional as well as general purposes and it is quite good.


There are lots of words and conjugated letters that you have to use in Sanskrit and this ‘Sanskrit 99’ font serves the best needs.

What characters are not supported by Mangal for Sanskrit text

There are lots of conjugated and complex characters that are not supported by Mangal font basically because these letters are not used in Hindi. Mangal font is more geared for Hindi language that does not use much of complex symbols readily used in Sanskrit. Here is a visual example of some characters that are not supported by Mangal.

Letters not supported by Mangal Font
Letters not supported by Mangal Font

Is ‘Sanskrit 99’ font compatible for publishing online

This is where the real problem lies. ‘Sanskrit 99’ font does not go when you opt for online publishing because lots of computers use Microsoft Windows and their browsers do not support this font and therefore does not display the letter in the right way.

‘Sanskrit 99’ font is ideal for:

1. Hardcopy publishing of Sanskrit texts.
2. Printing of Sanskrit texts including T-shirts, mugs, banners or any printing need.
3. If you are creating PDF documents of Sanskrit texts.
4. Using Sanskrit text within your own system.
5. Sharing the Sanskrit text with group of people who have downloaded ‘Sanskrit 99’ font.

Download Sanskrit 99 font.

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  1. Yes, but Swarita marks are also available in Sanskrit 99 font also. But I agree that for Vedic Sanskrit, Chandas and Uttara may also provide some better options.

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