What is wife called in Sanskrit

In our last post, we had given 33 names in which a husband is called in Sanskrit language, and it was liked by many of our users.

Continuing our series, we are now presenting 33 names in which a wife can be called in Sanskrit. We hope this would also be received well.

In general terms, a wife is the one who is married to a man.

You would be surprised to read some really interesting names that can be used for a wife. Some of them are really romantic and carry profound meaning too.

Some Recommended books for studying Sanskrit:

We hope you would like this list of names and will use some of them in conversation.

If you have any inputs, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to write to us through the comment section.

Sanskrit Transliteration
भार्य्या Bhāryyā
वामाङ्गं Vāmāṅgaṁ
 स्त्री Strī
पत्नी Patnī
जाया Jāyā
दारा Dārā
वधूः Vadhū
बधूः Badhū
कलत्रं Kalatraṁ
गृहिणी Gṛhiṇī
गेहिनी Gehinī
पाणिगृहीता Pāṇigṛhītā
सहधर्म्मिणी Sahadharmmiṇī
प्रेष्ठा Preṣṭhā
वनिता Vanitā
द्वितीया Dvitīyā
सधर्म्मिणी Sadharmmiṇī
प्रेयसी Preyasī
महिला Mahilā
गृहं Gṛhaṁ
अर्द्धाङ्गं Arddhāṅgaṁ
धूता Dhūtā
परिग्रहं Parigrahaṁ
क्षेत्रं Kṣetraṁ
दयिता Dayitā
कान्ता Kāntā
वल्लभा Vallabhā
प्रिया Priyā
प्रियतमा Priyatamā
रमणी Ramaṇī
नायिका Nāyikā
प्राणेशा Prāṇeśā
प्राणसमा Prāṇasamā

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