What is art called in Sanskrit

Art has many meanings–it is a skill, it’s a prowess, and often termed as ‘magic’. It is not simply making drawings, sketches, or images but is vast enough to encompass any ability that a human being could possess. In fact, the skills and abilities of animals and birds are also a form of art only. Music, poetry, dance, performing arts, and what not–you name it and everything could be gathered under the aegis of art.

In this post, we will learn how to say art in Sanskrit–here the meaning of art is the skill or the prowess that one possesses. The fourth meaning also means the occupation of a person.

I have provided the meaning in Devnagiri script and also in transliteration form so that people who don’t understand could grasp the proper pronunciation of the words.

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English Sanskrit Transliteration
Art शिल्पं Śilpaṁ
Art शिल्पविद्या Śilpavidyā
Art कला Kalā
Art व्यवसायः Vyavasāyaḥ
Art कर्म्म Karmma

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