What entrepreneurs can learn from Commonwealth Games 2010: 5 entrepreneurial lessons

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010
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In the game of entrepreneurship, an individual, a team or a group of people combine to make a winning difference. More often than not, an entrepreneurial venture starts to solve a problem, providing a solution, or making some process easy. Launching new products is also an option explored by entrepreneurs but it could be termed as a traditional business activity also.

An entrepreneur moves ahead in a very systematic process while undertaking its entrepreneurial journey. Recently concluded Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi present somewhat similar progression, but these games offer some very useful lessons for the entrepreneurs. We will try to analyze how it all happened and try to compare it with an entrepreneur:

  • Lesson no 1: When India won the bid of hosting Commonwealth Games 2010, a lot of people in India and around the globe doubted the ability. They had their reasons, which showcased valid points. However, some of the authorities thought that the chance should be given. At the end, it was like a hard-won opportunity. An entrepreneur, similarly, has to face ridicule and opposition when it proposes to start a venture. Lots of people around the entrepreneur doubt the ability and even the feasibility of the idea. Sticking to your idea is the lesson here.
  • Lesson no 2: India, having a very poor sports management and corruption-ridden hierarchy, always had a genuine problem while hosting such a sports extravaganza. At every step, it had to deal with problems. Commonwealth Games 2010 looked a virtual unreality. An entrepreneur, similarly, has to go through a troubled environment creating its own way. Entrepreneur should never believe that it will be a cake-walk for them. The idea, at some point or other, will face this question: Is it feasible or is it worth the effort? Dealing with this environment with confidence while moving ahead is the lesson here.
  • Lesson no 3: As the country started its preparation, moving through blocking bureaucracy; finalizing the paper-work; and finally seeing the execution of work: the work faced putrefaction from all corners. It seemed as if it was a high-magnitude folly to even think that India could host such an event. From all corners, the money seemed to be wasted, looted and spent in an uncontrolled manner. An entrepreneur, similarly, may face matching situations or phases while it pursues its idea. The money might seem to be wasted, spent uncontrollably. Being choosy and careful about the expenditure is the lesson here.
  • Lesson no 4: As the Commonwealth Games 2010 neared its inauguration when all the Commonwealth countries would arrive in India and actually participate, the games were hit with multiple inadequacies and fears. Security issues, infrastructure, unpreparedness meant that some of the top athletes backed out and withdrew their participation. As the media pried over every nook and corner of the Games Village, leakages and pools were spotted everywhere. Talks were held, discussions were carried out, questions were asked, and almost every single person expressed its views that it was a mistake for India to go for the hosting bid. An entrepreneur, similarly, may find itself exposed and questioned about the feasibility, applicability, and usability of the idea by one and all. Moving slowly but with analytical approach is the lesson here.
  • Lesson no 5: As the final countdown began, Commonwealth Games 2010 faced real-time problems. Delhi, the National Capital and the hosting city of games was plagued by multiple challenges ranging from floods and dengue and social issues. Yamuna River rose to its highest point in the last 32 years. Dengue fever struck hard crossing 1,500 cases. Ayodhya’s verdict was to be announced somewhere close to the opening ceremony. There was an attack in the heart of the Delhi near Jama Masjid. Delhi witnessed it all. The moments were crunch and Delhi’s tests were severe. There seemed no respite and the main bridge linking the main stadium fell before its completion. The whole nation gasped in the shameful realization that India’s pride has been put on stake, and there seemed no hope of a miracle that could make Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi see the light of the opening day. An entrepreneur, similarly, may face real-time challenges of failures, setbacks, financial losses, etc. Believing in one’s idea and continuously striving for improvement is the lesson here.


When the Commonwealth Games finally ended, the world admitted that the event was successful without any glitch. It was the biggest among all and there was absolutely no major problem that anybody faced. The opening and closing ceremonies won applause and so did the volunteers who did a great job in making the games a success.

There is no denying the fact that the preparations could have been better and at one of time, it seemed all lost. Perhaps, every constructive argument would appear as an excuse only, but credit should be given to the Delhi government who finally made sure that everything was not ruined. All major events around the world face hurdles, and more so if they country has never hosted such a mega-event with a feeble sports fraternity that does not win many medals the world champions. However, the idea was to create tremendous infrastructure and infuse a new life to the sports industry in India, and I won’t doubt that it was successfully achieved.

The corruption issue, like many other human traits, raises its hood everywhere though the magnitude or scale could vary. It is not an excuse for the ones who did it or would never shy from doing it again, but it should not reflect the image of the whole country. Though the event was ridden with questionable occurrences, we have tried to pick the positive points in this article.

While talking about an entrepreneur, it can be easily asserted that everything cannot be planned at the very first step. It is always guessing, forecasting, assuming and conceiving. Though some analytical tools would help in statistics but unseen problems could only be tackles as and when they come. Just like Commonwealth Games 2010 did it.

If the entrepreneur is sure about the idea and is passionate enough to follow it with all heart and zeal, the roadblocks and pitfalls could be overcome. Perseverance, persistent effort, and planning could make sure that the entrepreneur succeeds in the game of entrepreneurship and successfully executes the idea to make it a memorable experience.

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