What ecommerce sites you purchase from?

Purchasing from an ecommerce website is never an easy affair—you have to search for a product, check the deals and discount coupons available, make sure the product will be delivered to your address, and also to make sure that the personal details are secure including your payment etc. In India, there are only a few players that are popular among the masses. Amazon, FlipKart, SnapDeal, Jabong, and Myntra are a few that people buy from without much worries about security issues etc.

What drives sales for any ecommerce website is the trust factor and of course the popularity. Return and replacement policy is another major factor that drives customer confidence. PayTM is a good example when it comes to garnering the confidence and then launching the ecommerce business in the market. Their user acquisition was phenomenal because of the mobile wallet that they introduced in the market, but they capitalized on it nicely by launching huge discounts and deals for various products.

Likewise, there are many players, who though are not funded by big conglomerates but they are making good strides in the market making sure they deliver on the promises and get customer support and faith.

In the fashion industry, Kraftly.com is one such player. They have a cool website, featured products and various categories that cater to the daily needs of users. They have more than 600,000 products on offer that users can choose from. Like any other big ecommerce portal, they let small sellers from various cities of India come on board and offer their products to the users.

I am sure as they keep growing their product and user base, they will keep growing as a major ecommerce hub in India and a good option for customers who want to try other websites apart from the traditional ones.

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