What does AB Devillers' fastest hundred mean?

Well, it makes a spectacle to the eye when a swash-buckling batsman sent the Cricket ball beyond the ropes delivery after delivery. It’s a treat to watch a match where runs are scored and boundaries are aplenty. However, the match is killed if the bowling department gets the whole team out within a few overs and the team score is low.

Psychologically speaking, the game of Cricket is a batsman’s game though a lot of bowlers have their own day. They also get the say ‘Hurray’, but suppose that happens regularly, the spectators would simply lose their interest and would not turn up to watch the matches.

More often than not, it’s the batting galore that spectators enjoy and not wickets tumbling down quickly.

So, what does the latest bludgeoning inning of AB Devillers convey to us–the batsmen are trying their maximum to hit the deliveries for a six–the day would come when a batsman would score a century in just 17 balls with 16 sixes minimum and a four or a six to complete the 3-digit figure.

I haven’t seen the news when a bowler just ran down the batting line with some brilliance bowling display of reverse swing or some kind of spin. The last time I saw it when Shane Bond just tore down the great Indian batting line-up.

However, do you get to hear nowadays a bowler wrapping the opposition team with 20 to 25 overs?

That’s the irony of this game. It enjoys when plenty of runs are made and bowlers are thrown out of the ground. However, it is considered a lost cause when a bowler destroys the opposition.

AB Devillers seems hungry for more runs and it would not be late when he happens to break his own record of fastest fifty and fastest century in one-day internationals.

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