VVS Laxman: A very very special entrepreneur of Cricket

VVS Laxman
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He was born during one of the most fiercely-competitive and demanding time in Indian and world Cricket. He was born contemporary to the best team that Indian Cricket had, and among some of the best players that ever played for India. He was not aggressive–a trait well endorsed during his times–but he was determined. He had a broad chest and tall figure–so no physical intimidation of any sort was possible. When he played in full beauty of his technique, he was a treat to the eyes; a masterpiece on both sides of the wicket; flawless; not wanting in any particular shot; a match-turner and winner; most trusted partner; tailenders’ companion; yet down-to-earth and of pleasing demeanor. Welcome to the real world–we are talking about very very special Laxman.

Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman was born on November 1, 1974, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It was in 1996 that he made his debut against South Africa and scored a much-needed 51 in the second innings–a match India won.

Like many other players, he was made the scapegoat of opening the innings for India though he was basically a middle-order batsman. He obliged and played 17 Test matches with mediocre success. A place in the team, thus, was never guaranteed. He went back to domestic Cricket; scored 1415 tuns in 1999/00 season and proved that he is built for something very special. This was and is the highest score made in one season and comprised 10 centuries in 10 matches. There was no reason why a recall should not have been made. However, this time, VVS Laxman was clear in his thought and conviction. He went up to the selectors and told them that he would play in the middle-order and won’t open the innings where he is not able to deliver and do justice to his potential. They had to consider this and thus started the beginning of a glorious career that will remain etched in the memory of generations to come. A shining star among the equally towering figures of his contemporaries.

Entrepreneurial side of VVS Laxman–what’s so “very very special” about him?

  1. VVS Laxman obliged the selectors and his team by opening the innings but he was sure where his talent could excel. An entrepreneur should be ready to move into someone else’s shoes but not on the expense of its own expertise.
  2. VVS Laxman dared to tell the selectors that he will play where he felt confident of his abilities. An entrepreneur, likewise, should be able to voice his conviction if the situation demands.
  3. VVS Laxman has a sound technique–no flaws whatsoever. Without being fundamentally strong, an entrepreneur can not succeed in its venture. Though this might not be limited to technology only, but some traits are always needed to make sure that entrepreneurs are updated about the field in which they are foraying. An outdated knowledge is a big hurdle.
  4. VVS Laxman delivered against the most promising and strong team–Australia–of his times. A trait that led many to believe him as the nemesis of Australian attack, which he proved correct so many times. An entrepreneur should be able to deliver during the toughest times when its team, its venture is in dire need.
  5. VVS Laxman proved it for almost 15 years now that a Cricketer could be smiling and pleasing while performing at the highest level–no need to resort to short-cut methods of success garbed in the cloak of sledging, ultra-aggressive attitude, and over-flowing spirit of fierceness. An entrepreneur, similarly, needs to do fundamentally correct things rather than being too much oriented towards pomp and show: A quality epitomized by Entrepreneur Sachin Tendulkar!

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