Visiting Athirapally Waterfalls near Kochi, Kerela

Considered as the largest waterfall of India, Athirapally (Athirappilly) is a great tourist destination if you are visiting Kochi or Thrissur. It is around 80 Km from Kochi. We were staying at Kochi Caprice hotel from where we too an auto to reach Vytilla Hub. We were told that there were no direct buses–so, we took a state transport bus to Chalkudy and from there we took another bus to Athirapalli.

The KSRTC buses had a fair of 40/- INR while on our way back we took an AC bus and the fare was 90/- per person. From Chalkudy to Athripally falls, the fare is 25/- per person. The downside of traveling by bus is that after a long journey, they make you get down at the ticket counter which is located almost 1 Km from the actual entrance of the waterfalls. So, it gets very tiring before you even start the actual ascent and descent for the waterfall.

Chalkudy River

As you enter and reach the point where you actually start seeing the water, you will notice a lot of people taking bath in the river. However, the view is from the feet of the waterfall where you get occasional sprinkles of the water thrown on your face.

Athirapally Falls from the top

We visited the place in the month of March and we were told that there is not much water–during rains, it gets almost flooded and they don’t allow to get down at the feet of the waterfall (I am not sure about it though).

Athirapally Falls

The overall journey to the falls is very tough and tiring–however, it is worthwhile because you won’t get he picturesque scenery anywhere else–the beauty of the place makes it worthwhile.

Cold drinks and ice-cream counters are available at the falls. Toilets are also available though the water is not there–it is better to carry a water-bottle along with you. There are shops, eateries outside the premise and you can buy souvenirs and toys etc for children.

Overall, a place to visit if you are visiting Kochi or nearby areas.

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