Trending Fashions In Men’s Summer Wear This Year

Fashion is dynamically evolving and never rests for a while. There is a huge demand of fashion magazine that bring the latest news and updates from the fashion world. I am sure you have already gone for some choice fashion designing magazine subscription for yourself.

Here are a couple of popular magazines that you must be aware of:

But whether you plan to kill this summer at the comfy interiors of your home or would like to explore some cooler destinations, here are some tips from Design Info to guide you in choosing the trending summer wear.

Pink is back with men

Men’s fashion solutions usually work something on fits, pieces and brands. Surprisingly, this year the focus is on color. For quite some time, men have dreaded to wear pink as the other gender has been fondly grabbing it for itself. This year, the designers are emboldened to introduce a lavish throw of pink in men’s wear. Whether you like clean pastel pink or deep ruby toned shade, you will find a lot of choices in pink. If you are not that bold enough to take a dip into pink waters, Design Info says you can still start small with a pink graphic design on a black T-shirt or a just a basketball cap in pink.

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers still hang around men. Interestingly enough this piece of wear can be crafted in myriad ways. It is very flattering and comfortable too enabling a lot of customizing. Design Info advises you can choose between extreme wide leg trousers or have them fairly discrete with a subtle style.

Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban collar shirts were once popular with old school gangsters. However, the classic 50s flair paraded by this concept is very hard to resist. The notch lapel collar, short sleeves and the loose body perfectly suit the warmer months both indoors and on travel. Design Info recommends get one in poplin cotton or soft linen to achieve a cool and relaxed finish. If you pair it with slim fit chinos, you will achieve a classic look touching the latest style statement. Do not play around with those contrasting prints. If the shirt is busy, keep the outfit neutral. Let not the clothes fight for prominence.

Stay trendy and move with the fashion

Life is too busy and for this reason you can’t stay away from learning about fashion trends. When you confront a reason to buy a pair of new wear as per the latest trend, you must know where the world is heading to lest you will be left alone as a primitive. Visit to stay trendy the easy way by getting to know all about fashion, designs and colors.

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