Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

Research statistics say that over half of all pregnant mothers are affected by morning sickness, which is related to a sharp rise in estrogen levels, low blood sugar levels and greater vulnerability to some smells. The name morning sickness ensues since this symptom shows up during mornings and eases as the day moves to noon. Morning sickness is also known as nausea gravidarum or pregnancy sickness. The chief characteristic of morning sickness is a feeling of nausea or vomiting in the mornings. In some people, it might last over the entire day also. There are some expert tips on how to overcome morning sickness.

Rest adequately

Especially during pregnancy, women must ensure they get plenty of sleep. If you would need, use dark glasses or sleep mask to block the light disturbing your sleep. Maternity body pillow can support your stomach and back and ensure you have proper sleep. Take some naps during the day and avoid moving around after taking food.

Relieve stress

Do some meditation or yoga as advised by the gynecologist, which are useful in stress relieve and beating depression

Get up slowly

Never be in a hurry while getting out of your bed. Take your time and rise up slowly.

Avoid certain foods

It is good to avoid caffeine in all forms. Avoid spicy and fatty foods

Regulate dietary intake

Note that during pregnancy, your stomach must not stay empty. Empty stomach can cause the feeling of nausea. If the digestive fluids have nothing to work on, they will start working on your stomach lining and thereby shall worsen nausea.

Good foods

Always have in store some salty crackers, protein snacks and peanut butter and take one of your choices when you wake up in the morning. For feeling satisfied, you can depend on peers, apple sauce, citrus class of fruits and bananas. Baked potatoes are highly nutritious. The potassium content of fruits can help avoid morning sickness. For regulating blood glucose levels, it is good to consume foods high in protein before going to bed.

Do not look at a flickering computer monitor

It is best to avoid using computers during pregnancy. But if you have to use one, then ensure that the screen does not flicker. In such case, adjust the screen by making the fonts bolder and larger. Alter the background color to a pleasing one like soft tan or pink.

Maintain an active life

Though you might feel lethargic, lousy and weak, it is advised that you resort to a physically active life at sometimes of the day to overcome morning sickness.

Be health conscious

Avail of some health packages offered by some good hospitals like Manipal hospital. Healthcare is something very important during pregnancy.

Stay hydrated

Drink enough fluids. This is important to stay healthy during pregnancy. Know that nausea can also result from dehydration if you are not taking the daily recommended quantity of eight glasses per day. If you get to drink hard water for drinking add honey and apple cider vinegar. Beverages like flat sprite, decaffeinated cola can help some people. you can suck ice cubes made from fruit juices. Cold drinks are easy to consume.

Take ginger tea

Over a long time in history, ginger is used to sooth the stomach and it can help relieve nausea. Take cold ginger ale. You can also add raw ginger to tea or plain water to work on your stomach lining. Delicious snacks like ginger cookies and ginger bread can help overcome nausea.

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