TicTok Games–A unique game app to play for win prizes

Mobile games are a huge hit with the young generation, but nothing beats the experience of in-app games coupled with real prizes to win. This is what the new app TicTok offers to its users. I just downloaded the app on my Android device, and am already loving it.

As you start the game, you are offered current challenges that you can start accepting them right away. There are various types of games that you will have to play in order to be eligible for the prizes. These games include Puzzles, Memory Mania, Quiz, Drag & Drop, and Guess Image type challenges. You will be earning levels as you keep completing the challenges. At the end, you can redeem your levels to get various kinds of products or gift cards.

How to redeem

Suppose you are at the 9th level of the challenges. You can buy a FlipKart gift card of 3,000/- INR value by redeeming your level and paying only 200/- INR additional.

I think this is a great way of enjoying your time while having fun playing games, and at the same time standing a chance of winning prizes and goodies.

Free trial

The app offers a 3-day trial period for you to gauge the quality of the app. Further, for a mere 500/- INR per month, you can start playing the game and enjoy earning various kinds of prizes. Just note that you can redeem your levels irrespective of whether you win a special prize of that challenge or not!

Refund policy

What I really liked about this app is that they are open to refunding your money if you are not satisfied with the performance. This is rare feature in mobile game industry. Though there are some agreeable conditions to get the refund of your subscription, I think the app developers have given a very reasonable choice to its users.

A great app full of fun and games

Overall, I will give thumbs-up to this app because it plays fare—there is no catch, and you can choose to play whenever you feel you have the time to do it. I wish future users a great experience with this app.

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