Three Priceless Diamonds of the World

Three Priceless Diamonds of the World

The value of diamond could be indeed priceless. According to the material science, heat transfer science, and other related studies, the diamonds are indeed one of the most valuable material types on earth. Indeed, the value of any material or anything for that matter is based upon some key factors,
which include:

1. Application
2. Availability
3. Uniqueness

These 3 factors are the main ingredients for the value of any material. Diamonds are true to every demand and therefore are deemed as the most valuable materials of the earth. Computer hardware is also not untouched by diamonds, and we know that disk readers use diamonds in some form. It is also possible that we might have greater usage of diamonds in the coming era of IT technology. There are many areas where diamonds are unique for their applications, and human beings are not yet able to get a substitute for those properties. For example, diamonds are the hardest materials known. There are lot of applications and usage areas that emerge from this single property of the diamonds, and the most unique among them is the famous adage: diamond cuts a diamond. We need a diamond to cut a diamond.

Through this article, I do not want to downgrade or lower the value of diamonds in any point or through any way. I just want to present a different view that was put forth by one of the most advanced thinker, who was world famous for his “ways” and is deemed as the best political savant across the globe. Yes, I am talking about “Kautilya” or “Chanakya” as he is famously known as. This great master of political science and other related stuff of those times, and also of surgery, is famous for his masterpiece book-Chanakyaneeti. This book’s title means the “ways of Chanakya”, which further means the suggestions or thoughts put forth by Chanakya.

This is where I want you to take to my reader. In this book written in Sanskrit, there is a couplet which runs like this:

पृथिव्यां त्रीणि रत्नानि जलमन्नं सुभाषितम् ।
मूढैः पाषाणखण्डेषु रत्नसंज्ञा विधीयते ।।

(On earth, there are three diamonds-water, food, and wise sayings. People possessing little knowledge give the name of diamond to pieces of rock.)

Through this couplet, the great thinker wants to convey the message that there are more things that are precious to humanity than diamond-diamond is not the highest, though it is important and indispensable to human life. We should be sincere enough to give water its value. It is priceless-we should not waste it and reduce the consumption of ground water, which we use for very menial works like washing street, flushing the sewage system, and other similar things. We should be conscious enough not to waste food-for growing food, we need water. Also, there are lot of people who have to go hungry because of higher prices of food items-we do not waste food, we can curb the increasing rates of food items. Of course, we are well concerned about the wise sayings of the old times and also our older generations. People tend to pay heeds to those words though the younger generations still needs a bit of attention to be paid to these adages.

Being a mechanical engineer, I can well gauge the value of a diamond, but being a engineer, I am also aware about the environment that we should create around us so as to facilitate proper running of the earth. Let us join and put sincere efforts to save the earth-be green, go green.

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