The menace called customer care traffic

I own laptops from Dell and like anything else, they also get into some technical problem. It is so hard to believe that the customer care traffic has become so horrible here that you can get through it.

Yesterday, I called up Dell. I had some problems with my mouse and I had ordered it for replacement a few weeks ago. They sent the wrong part and told me that somebody would be contacting me. However, nothing happened and I had to call back again.

I spent around 37 minutes; was routed through 4 representatives but could not get my issue solved. At the end, the voice was not coming clearly and I had to hung up the phone. It was so frustrating listening to that computerized voice saying “all our representatives are still busy” and even then not getting through it.

Earlier, Dell used to be so wonderful in its customer care and there were virtually no problem that was left unresolved. But over the years, their performance has literally gone down and it is a sort of shame that you don’t enjoy buying a Dell product now as you did earlier.

There is nobody who called me to check whether I received the mouse or not. On one system, it is showing that I received the mouse because the call was raised 3 times. On one system, there is no call raised for the mouse. It is so horrible shocking that Dell systems are showing such incoherence. Can’t simply believe it!

I am not sure I am going to buy Dell anymore as I used to be–I bought around 1 laptop every year for the past 4 years but the company has changed a lot but not the customer care traffic menace–it remains there.

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