The Legend of the Seeker–a spiritual Equivalence

Yes, this article talks about the popular American weekly serial “Legend of the Seeker”, which is based on a book “Sword of Truth” written by Terry Goodkind. The serial is a riveting piece and beautifully shot in New Zealand portraying mountains and times when this tale could be imagined to be actual.

To understand this article, you need to see this TV-serial and should know almost all the major characters and their roles. In this article I am sort of trying to relate the concept of this TV-serial to the concept of spirituality, which actually demarcates how a person should be a seeker of truth.

Without much further ado, I should start, assuming that you understand the characters and their roles.

Okay, imagine Richard Cypher as a person who is a seeker of truth in a spiritual sense also. He is not aware of his role in this life and just likes to live as life moves on. However, Kahlan Amnell–Mâyâ for our comparison–picks the person and collaborating with wisdom–the wizard–prepares it for the journey of seeking the truth.

The seeker has to defeat Darken Rahl–darkness of ignorance for our comparison–and to free the world of its tyranny. So to say, the seeker has to find out the truth and make his mind free from the gross ignorance that it has lurked in for long. Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, the wizard, is the wisdom that helps the seeker on the path–it guides and trains him to adopt ways that would be beneficial to achieve the target.

There is a catch! Without Mâyâ’s assistance, the seeker can’t find a way; however, if the seeker concentrates his energies on Mâyâ or the Confessor of this TV-serial, he will become a slave of Mâyâ and forget his true mission. Spiritually speaking, this is what a seeker of truth needs to take care of: he has to use Mâyâ as a tool to understand the very falsity of this world but make sure that he is not entangled in it.

Apart from undergoing experiences of varied colors, the seeker has to undergo suffering and pain in the hands of a Mord-Sith. It is pure pain and nothing else. In life, the seeker has to go through lot of physical, emotional, mental and psychological pain. The seeker is on the verge of giving up his mission and succumbing to the lordship of darkness. However, the genuine urge to achieve its goal breaks the shackles and it runs away from the confinement of a Mord-Sith.

As the seeker moves ahead and grows in confidence, it comes across the Boxes of Orden, which are like spiritual powers that sometimes spiritual seekers gain. However, again a catch! These powers can lead the seeker astray and make him disillusioned. The Boxes of Orden (spiritual powers) need to be used carefully to achieve the highest goal.

At the end, the seeker defeats Darken Rahl and achieves the goal of his quest–he frees his mind from the ignorance.

I was almost stunned by the equivalence this TV-serial throws to spiritual matters. When I watched this serial, I wondered how close it comes to a person who is initiated into a spiritual quest of finding the Ultimate Truth. Though I have not read the book “Sword of Truth”, but I am pretty sure that it will also relate to spiritual matters just as this TV-serial did.

I hope a person who has some spiritual taste and has seen this TV-serial will agree with me. Won’t you?

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