Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings for entrepreneurs

Well, this is a unique article as I write it. Sri Sathya Sai Baba has extolled the good qualities that youth can groom and help lift the humanity at various times during his discourses and interactions with devotees. However, his emphasis on garnering and channeling the energy is the one that stands out.

We will discuss about one of such calls that he made to youth, which would fit quite nicely to the entrepreneurs in general.

“Young Individual consists of ManoShakti , DehaShakti , IndriyaShakti , BudhiShakti , AtmaShakti.”

Let’s check every one of them as how it relates to entrepreneurs.

  • ManoShakti: Literally translated, it means mental power. Well, without mental power, an entrepreneur can’t even take the plunge in doing something of its own. A lots of people have ideas and they want to do it, but they can’t make up their mind in starting as they are riddled with doubts, fears, and what-if questions. To tap the mental power, one needs to think, analyze, take advice and then decide. If entrepreneurs are able to do it positively, they have taken the first right step towards being successful.
  • DehaShakti: Literally translated, it means physical power. Now, it is not remote to understand that entrepreneurs need to do a lot of tasks on their own. They might need to cut down luxury, start from very basic, run their errands on their own, and what not. The journey of entrepreneurship could be extremely tiring, though it is replete with satisfaction. If physical power is used optimally, entrepreneurs can make sure that they achieve mental satisfaction and success.
  • IndriyaShakti: Literally translated, it means sense power. Well, sense power is a unique characteristic of entrepreneurs. They have the knack to pick things early, think out-of-the-box and bring concepts of innovation in traditional forms of business. The sense power needs to be controlled and guided along the correct path; otherwise, it leads to wastage of latent energy. However, if entrepreneurs have tapped the power that lies in their senses, they can generate tremendous concepts, new business ideas, technical enhancements. At the same time, they can redefine entrepreneurship with this faculty.
  • BudhiShakti: Literally translated, it means wisdom power. Now wisdom power comes from experience and learning from almost everything. ‘Native Wisdom’ is a word often used by social entrepreneurs in their ventures. As senior entrepreneurs would tell you that there are thousands of youngsters who are up with technical ideas but they have little knowledge about the feasibility and success of those ideas. They don’t have the wisdom to see whether it can bring the results or not. Entrepreneurs should tap the potential of wisdom that lies in daily chores, talking to others, listening to experts, and what not. Wisdom demands input and self-analysis.
  • AtmaShakti: Literally translated, it means spiritual power or power of the soul. Well, there is nothing special entrepreneurs need to do about it. However, they need to be self-confident, which acts as the representative of spiritual power. They need to look within before making decision, listening to their conscience, and finding source of energy within. It is often remarked that entrepreneurs make decisions out of the blue. These incidents happen when the spiritual power is tapped which is latent in everybody.

Overall, you will notice that the simple messages carry great concepts of depth in them. They could be applied to any walk of life and could be source of energy and power for anybody.

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