Some Great Online Betting Sites For Indians

The confusion surrounding betting or gambling in India is due to the fact that gambling law is unclear and vague in India. While you might not want to break the laws in the country, you might be interested to know if betting or gambling is a legal thing to do in India. Read on to know if betting is legal in India and the top betting sites you can depend on for the best user experience.

Gambling law in India

The gambling law first introduced in the country in 1867 during the colonial period had prohibited gambling. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 had made it illegal to provide gambling services on a federal level. The law also had banned visiting and using a public facility for gambling. However, the law did not talk about online gambling or online betting as the law was enacted long before the internet was invented. So far, the Indian Government has not amended this law to prohibit online gambling. Hence it is left for the individual states to legalize or prohibit gambling within their territory.

Indian states and online betting laws

Most Indian states do not have specific laws regarding online gambling. Hence we can say this is left as a grey area. Hence in most states, it is never a prosecutable offense to indulge in online gambling or betting. So far, there is no evidence to show that an Indian was prosecuted or charged for gambling or online betting.

India’s stand on online betting

Whether to legalize online betting or not is a question that is being debated in the Indian states and at the federal government level. By legalizing gambling in India, the government is most likely to benefit from the taxes it would collect. So far, no concrete efforts were taken by the country to ban or prohibit online betting and so it continues to happen to this day. The absence of any major or concrete laws to prohibit online betting means the government is not quite sure whether it must be stopped.

Can Indians bet online legally?

The gambling law in India states that the providers must not function within the territory of India unless they have got permission from the individual state to operate. Most online gambling and betting sites are located outside India. It is hence possible for Indians to open an account with these sites and place their bets with these online betting sites.

Here are a few online betting sites Indians can try their luck with is a very good resource if you want to know about betting in India. Here we review a few top-rated online betting sites that Indians can try their luck with. The sites mentioned here have state of the art websites and some of the most sophisticated betting tools the users will love and find comfortable to use.


betWay has been a favorite online betting site for a number of users. The site provides a 100% welcome bonus up to Rs. 30,000. The advantages of this site include the state of the art mobile app they provide, localized Indian promotions, operating in Indian Currency and the facility of local bank transfers for fast deposit and withdrawals. This is rated as the number one site for in-play cricket.


10cric is a great site for online gambling. The site offers a local bank transfer facility. One of the top advantages of this site is that it is focused on the Indian market. The site gives away a big welcome bonus of Rs. 20,000. The user-friendly interface and the quick support tools they provide make online betting a pleasurable and convenient experience for the users.


Comeon is available to players in India. The site accepts the Indian currency. This site offers a welcome bonus of up to Rs. 10,000. The site features a very good sportsbook with plenty of cricket betting opportunities. Some of the interesting features about this site include 24/7 customer support, points system, a very attractive user interface and a great online casino.


Among the plethora of online betting sites you can come across, bet365 has a huge following. Rated among the best India betting sites, the site works on Indian currency and provides the best ever live betting options. The interesting features about this site include live streaming of sports and games, a large selection of Cricket bets and a welcome bonus up to Rs. 5,000 in bet credits.


A popular choice for online betting, Dafabet is a highly trusted online betting brand among gambling lovers. The site provides access to domestic and international cricket matches. The users have a wide selection of bets and can hope to land on very large bonuses. There are several competitive odds awaiting the gamblers and this site is the home of Asian Handicapping. This site has a huge following among the top-rated India betting sites.

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