Short Hindi Poem on Winter Season for Nursery Class

Winters are here and it is time enjoy some delicious home-grown vegetables including radish, carrots, and cauliflower. Though winters are tough to bear, the time is best to do heavy eating.

It is while thinking of these delicacies that I thought about writing a short 4-liner on the winter season in Hindi. It is a short and sweet Hindi poem for children who are studying the nursery class.

Feel free to twist and turn it if you feel like to make your kid memorize it easily. Also, if you would like to add 2-3 lines to it to make it more impactful, do share through the comment season for the benefit of other users.

Hindi Poem on Winter Season


सर्दी आई सर्दी आई

गोभी गाजर मूली लाई

मम्मी ने बनाई पञ्जीरी

सर्दी हमें बहुत लुभाई


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