Short Hindi Poem Based on Children’s Day

Once again, I wrote this poem for my daughter when my wife came to me saying that she has received a message from her teacher to have her prepare a Children’s Day poem. It was on a very short notice, but because we had the option to get a very short poem, I thought of writing it on my own rather than wasting time on searching online.

It’s is quite easy to remember and even children of nursery and KG classes can use it for their own schools.

Hindi Poem on Children’s Day


आओ बाल दिवस मनायें

मिलकर गीत खुशी के गायें

वैर-भाव को दूर भगाकर

सबके मन में प्रेम जगायें


My wife suggested that we can even use भेद-भाव instead of वैर-भाव which also fits nicely in that line. So, you have the option to choose any as per your liking.

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