Science And Sacrifice

You might be attracted to this article because of its title. Sacrifice! What science has to do with this word? The other case may be that you are a serious reader and does not want to miss anything. Let it be whichever case, we start our conversation.

There are many professions that offer a good chance to you to serve the society, humanity or sacrifice your life even. Like in military, soldiers live and die for the sake of their country. The fire department has also threat to the lives of rescue workers. The teachers are called the builders of a nation. What these professions offer is the way of livelihood and also an opportunity to serve others. But does the profession of science, be it is of a doctor, of an engineer, research fellow or a scientist, offer any such kind of chance? The opinion may differ from person to person. An uneducated layman may aver that a doctor is like a representative of God to him, for he saves the life. An educated person may say that engineers work for the technical development and upliftment of the society. A still more knowledgeable person may say that without research, science would come to a standstill. The three persons are right and there is a little doubt in it. But let’s ferret if these persons of scientific background, working in scientific professions, are really working for the cause of science.

A doctor is given a chance to serve others. This line can be debated by some, as they say that a doctor treats the patient insofar as the patient will pay the doctor. Fine, there is a price for every service that someone does for others. But please tell me if Prof. Jonas Salk invented the medicine of poliomyelitis to get the money therefrom? Dr. Vladmir Filatov did not invented “biogenic stimulants” to acquire wealth. He could see that the persons, who can’t see, the world for them is like a hell. They felt the pinch and pain of a patient and therefore, worked for their cause and not for money. They could have acquired the money by hundreds of other means, if they ever wanted (which of course, they never), and had no obligations for wasting their lives for the discovery of treatment of those dreadful diseases. It’s is said that a first hand experience is always more influential than mere words. You could have better understanding, if someone of yours would have had such a disease, but I pray that this may not happen actually.

The science and the technical advancement have achieved many a great feats for us, but it is sad to say that fear and anxiety has increased only and there is no relief. It is very strange that the persons with a science background work sometimes insensibly, while they know that everybody has to die one day. No biological body will survive the abrasion of time; it will decay and die! Then why we are inventing and working as if we are going to live forever. That does not imply that we should stop inventing, but we should stop inventing danger surely and try to build inner peace. This inner peace will be acquired if we work and live for others and not to prove that yes, we can do something: you see I am that capable as to destroy other persons with the explosive materials that I have invented! If someone works for this show, he or she must be made aware that death is for everybody. We should work to make the life easy of coming generation and not limit our thinking to ourselves only. We are far-sighted as to anticipate a cyclone and some foreign particle entering the earth’s atmosphere, but we are not aware about the impending death that may knock the door any moment. Then why we are so much passionate as to shell-shock the world, when the eyes can be sparkled with a little help even!

A person, who enters the profession of a doctor with an eye to earn money, is actually a traitor to the mother science. He has stabbed her and has degraded the whole scientific community. Same should be the case with an engineer and a research fellow. Their prime motive should be the betterment of mankind and not money. No Alfred Nobel wanted to use dynamite for destruction. He invented it for constructive works. It’s the duty of every science man to uphold its dignity. For we have been given a wonderful chance to serve the mankind, which, if we make efforts, will be termed as supreme sacrifice. For we understand the pain of a being, the need of society and the urge of development, without which this world will narrow down its horizons and ultimately, will be grasped by death like a black hole. It’s an appeal to everyone: Rise above the personal needs; do some good deeds and forget about caste and creeds.

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