Sanskrit tattoos and meanings

Something about Sanskrit Tattoos and meanings

Body art is major hit nowadays with youngsters and old alike. A lot of people like to get symbols, meanings, tattoos, messages printed on their body parts. Carrying an identity has been always a passion that secretly a lot of people carried.

When it comes to Sanskrit tattoos, the prospective of getting one is tricky. First, Sanskrit is an ancient language and not everybody knows it. The people who claim, mostly Indians (because, it is an Indian language), don’t know how to use a computer. The one who computers and know Sanskrit also, can’t be verified. So, overall, the situation becomes let-God-take-care when it comes to buy a Sanskrit Tattoo.

People who go for Sanskrit Tattoos are not simply liking the spirit but the message that they want to convey. I have providing services for Sanskrit Tattoos for the last 5 years now and I have come across variety of messages that people want to get translated. Apart from simply putting their names, people like to translate philosophical messages and get them tattooed on their bodies.

The internet is replete with companies claiming to provide authentic and correct Sanskrit translation for tattoos. Sanskrit, being a very elaborate language, needs good understanding if somebody wants to translate something into it. People often use the Devnagiri script and claim that they have translated the text to Sanskrit. That can simply be termed as transliteration and not translation fitting for tattoos.

The online resources for Sanskrit translation are also not very helpful. The main reason is that Sanskrit does not have a standard syntax and therefore no single system can be standardized to measure the correctness of the translation. Online translation methods are utterly wrong and useless for Sanskrit tattoos.

Though there is sound-proof method to find an authentic source for Sanskrit translation and tattoos, users should try to investigate a bit and verify before they pay.

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  1. Good web site…interesting and helpful too. But one thing i would like to say is that, please also include/mention the pronunciation in English, because it can be understood by a wide variety of people.

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